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Play the game and earn points through selfies & scenic images. Find this site on the History Check App by searching 105571* We are actively loading more sponsors on History Check. Take your selfies to upload later if the HC file is not available

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1 - Upload a selfie of you that includes the sign for this business to the History Check app and earn 100 points

 2 - Earn an additional 100 points by uploading a second selfie including your receipt and purchase from this business sponsor.

 3 - Click the Rumble Alberta Icon to submit an image of the business, or any of its products and services to earn 100 points.


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Master Route List Link to Map
Rumble Alberta rumblealberta.com
Rumble Alberta Northeast Region rumblealberta.com/ne
Rumble Alberta Northeast Route 1 Athabasca - Two Hills rumblealberta.com/ne1
Rumble Alberta Northeast Route 2 Two Hills - Athabasca rumblealberta.com/ne2
Rumble Alberta Northeast Route 3 Fort McMurray - Two Hills rumblealberta.com/ne3
Rumble Alberta Northeast Route 4 Two Hills - Anzac rumblealberta.com/ne4
Rumble Alberta Northeast Route 5 Cold Lake - Two Hills rumblealberta.com/ne5
Rumble Alberta Northeast Route 6 Two Hills - Cold Lake rumblealberta.com/ne6
Rumble Alberta Northeast Route 7 Lloydminster - Two Hills rumblealberta.com/ne7
Rumble Alberta Northeast Route 8 Two Hills - Lloydminster rumblealberta.com/ne8
Rumble Alberta North Central Region rumblealberta.com/nc
Rumble Alberta North Central Route 1 Wetaskiwin - Lloydminster rumblealberta.com/nc1
Rumble Alberta North Central Route 2 Lloydminster - Wetaskiwin rumblealberta.com/nc2
Rumble Alberta North Central Route 3 Nisku - Wetaskiwin rumblealberta.com/nc3
Rumble Alberta North Central Route 4 Wetaskiwin - Nisku rumblealberta.com/nc4
Rumble Alberta North Central Route 5 Red Deer - Wetaskiwin rumblealberta.com/nc5
Rumble Alberta North Central Route 6 Wetaskiwin - Red Deer rumblealberta.com/nc6
Rumble Alberta North Central Route 7 Wetaskiwin - Red Deer rumblealberta.com/nc7
Rumble Alberta North Central Route 8 Red Deer - Wetaskiwin rumblealberta.com/nc8
Rumble Alberta North Central Route 9 Wetaskiwin - Provost rumblealberta.com/nc9
Rumble Alberta North Central Route 10 Provost - Wetaskiwin rumblealberta.com/nc10
Rumble Alberta Northwest rumblealberta.com/nw
Rumble Alberta NW Route 1 Nisku - Slave Lake rumblealberta.com/nw1
Rumble Alberta NW Route 2 Slave Lake - Nisku rumblealberta.com/nw2
Rumble Alberta NW Route 3 Wildwood - Slave Lake rumblealberta.com/nw3
Rumble Alberta NW Route 4 Slave Lake - Wildwood rumblealberta.com/nw4
Rumble Alberta NW Route 5 Edson - Slave Lake rumblealberta.com/nw5
Rumble Alberta NW Route 6 Slave Lake - Edson rumblealberta.com/nw6
Rumble Alberta NW Route 7 Slave Lake - Fairview rumblealberta.com/nw7
Rumble Alberta NW Route 8 rumblealberta.com/nw8
Rumble Alberta NW Route 9 High Level - Slave Lake rumblealberta.com/nw9
Rumble Alberta NW Route 10 Slave Lake - High Level rumblealberta.com/nw10
Rumble Alberta South Region rumblealberta.com/s
Rumble Alberta South Route 1 Dunmore - Milk River rumblealberta.com/s1
Rumble Alberta South Route 2 Milk River - Dunmore rumblealberta.com/s2
Rumble Alberta South Route 3 Lethbridge - Pincher Creek rumblealberta.com/s3
Rumble Alberta South Route 4 Pincher Creek - Lethbridge rumblealberta.com/s4
Rumble Alberta South Route 5 Brooks - Fort MacLeod rumblealberta.com/s5
Rumble Alberta South Route 6 Fort MacLeod - Brooks rumblealberta.com/s6
Rumble Alberta South Route 7 Cochrane - Medicine Hat rumblealberta.com/s7
Rumble Alberta South Route 8 Medicine Hat - Cochrane rumblealberta.com/s8
Rumble Alberta South Central Region rumblealberta.com/sc
Rumble Alberta South Central Route 1 Airdrie - Consort rumblealberta.com/sc1
Rumble Alberta South Central Route 2 Consort - Airdrie rumblealberta.com/sc2
Rumble Alberta South Central Route 3 Airdrie - Stettler rumblealberta.com/sc3
Rumble Alberta South Central Route 4 Stettler - Airdrie rumblealberta.com/sc4
Rumble Alberta South Central Route 5 Airdrie - Wayne rumblealberta.com/sc5
Rumble Alberta South Central Route 6 Wayne - Airdrie rumblealberta.com/sc6
Rumble Alberta South Central Route 7 Airdrie - Brooks rumblealberta.com/sc7
Rumble Alberta South Central Route 8 Brooks - Airdrie rumblealberta.com/sc8

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