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Core Team + Sales Team

health checkOur program is digital and as hands free as possible, and observes Provincial COVID contact and gathering guidance. The CMTA run elements will have touchless touchpoints. Registration, route maps and route-specific offers from local business will all be bundled in our Digital Event Pass.  Rumble Alberta™ is AHS-ready by design.

Meet Our Core Team

Bob Ross
Bob RossFounder, Concept Creatorpresident@motorcycletourism.ca
Suzie Healey
Suzie HealeyWebsite Development, Digital Advertising, Content Creator/Coordinatoradmin@rumblealberta.com
Renee Charbonneau
Renee CharbonneauProject Managerexec.director@motorcycletourism.ca
Melany Hysert
Melany HysertDirector of Communicationsmelany.hysert@motorcycletourism.ca
Sheila Willis
Sheila WillisEvent Historian, History Check App Developer/Event Challenges info.impacttourism@gmail.com
Patrysha Korchinski
Patrysha KorchinskiCorporate Trainerpatrysha@thebusinessincubator.ca

Meet Our Sales Team

Renee Charbonneau
Renee CharbonneauSales Team Leadexec.director@motorcycletourism.ca
Melany Hysert
Melany HysertSouthern Alberta Salesmelany.hysert@motorcycletourism.ca
Sheila Willis
Sheila WillisSales Team Leadinfo.impacttourism@gmail.com
Aaron Archibald
Aaron ArchibaldSouthern Alberta Salessales@motorcycletourism.ca
Patrysha Korchinski
Patrysha KorchinskiNortheast Alberta Salespatrysha@thebusinessincubator.ca
Phoenix Phillips
Phoenix PhillipsCentral Alberta Saleslicense2rideworld@shaw.ca
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