Rumble Alberta Covid Policy

You can still get Ready to Rumble and make the most of your event pass. Hosting a Hospitality and Tourism event in a world affected by COVID-19 required major adjusting. We are COVID conscious - always keeping you up-to-date while adhering to AHS guidelines. We’re making sure this event is safe for everyone!!

Rumble Alberta is COVID-Friendly by design.

Time (and vaccines) will help bring clarity to the recovery timeline, but this much is already definite:

The CMTA, our sponsors and business partners needed to embrace technology to make safe travel and dining possible. 

  • Digital pass
  • Touchless registration
  • Self-guided / plug & play routes

We have planned experiences for you to enjoy while making the most of the Rumble Alberta Event Pass and safely observing “social distancing” as necessary. You will have a summer filled with adventure, while supporting businesses across rural Alberta and our communities at the same time.

Restrictions on large group gatherings, recent provincial guidance and the overall health threat of COVID-19 has caused many community events and get-togethers  to be canceled. Anticipating we might encounter some roadblocks again this summer, we knew that with a little bit of extra care and planning, Rumble Alberta could still provide fun, adventure and great memories in the safest way possible!

RUMBLE GOES VIRTUAL - Should there be a stay at home order or a ban on travel in the province we have challenges + activities ready to go that you can accomplish online and will let you collect “bonus” points until the travel restrictions in your region are lifted.

As the vaccines become more widely available and the recovery activity advances, you can expect a mix of virtual and hybrid activities. In-person activities that will take place will likely be limited to regional events at first.

Local health authorities will determine when regions can open and provide guidance to our business partners.  We encourage you Rumble louder and support those businesses that are receiving customers and scoop some extra points. Some businesses will be setting up places to take photos for “Spot light” special offers. Lots of fun to be had while creating some for some great 2021 memories. 

A SPECIAL NOTE It is important that all organizations and individuals understand that when you choose to participate in activities outside the home during the pandemic – including road trips inside our beautiful province - you are at an increased risk of contracting COVID 19. This is an inherent risk of participating in non-essential activities in your community. After reviewing AHS criteria, CMTA worked with our sponsors and business partners to design an event that follows the guidance of health officers; keeping the safety of our guests, staff, volunteers and others in our communities at the centre of our planning. We are counting on everyone to carefully assess their personal health situation(s) before embarking participating in any in-person activity.