Guided Gifting

Rumble Alberta ™ - Guided Gifting with Partnered Charities

Our audience will be prompted to direct their donation at the time of purchase for their event pass. Below are the programs we will highlight for our motorists in 2021 and the organizations that have accepted our offer to conduct 3rd party fundraising


Child care services, programs and day camps*
Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch
Services to racialized populations + social justice support*
Alberta Native Friendship Centres
Mental health services*
Fresh Start Recovery Centers - Awaiting Approval
Services to people with disabilities*
MS Society - Alberta - Awaiting Approval
Health services and support*
Support for women*
Shelter Foundation - Awaiting Approval
Food or clothing banks, soup kitchens, hostels
Veterans Memorial Gardens + Interpretive Centre (2020)
Wayside Fallen Riders Park
Ambulance, fire, rescue, and other emergency services
Search & Rescue Alberta

* Source: Calgary Chamber of Volunteer Services

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