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WELCOME everyone!!!!

Hey folks - welcome!!!!

Renee Charbonneau added a new event 1 week ago

Ride for Vision & Valour

Friday June 7, 2024 CFB Edmonton - Mayerthorpe - WhiteCourt Saturday June 8, 2024 Whitecourt - Fox Creek - Valleyview - Bezanson - Grande Prairie...

  • Friday, 07 June 2024 17:30
  • Tim Hortons Falaise Avenue Hwy 28a, Lancaster Park, AB T0A 2H0
Renee Charbonneau 1 week ago This poll is ended Nov 30 2023 at 12:00

Where do you WANT to ride/drive to in 2024?

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Welcome to the group!

Please tell us abount your business - we'd love to know!!!!

Rumble Alberta Business Members
Renee Charbonneau posted a new discussion1 week ago

Introduce yourselves!!!!

We'd love to know more about you - where you like to ride/drive - what you enjoy in life!!

Rumble Alberta Members

Welcome to all of olur new members!!! So happy to jave you here!

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Welcome everyone....I am so happy you are all here.

Renee Charbonneau I can't wait to launch! 7 months ago

I do believe this is going to be an awesome place to share content, planning etc...

Well - this feels familiar!!!

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